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For Students

Once your application is accepted, create a funding campaign and share it to fund your tuition.

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For Supporters

Make a pledge to support a student accepted to Codeup. Help them and help the tech community grow in San Antonio.

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How It Works

Crowdfund by Codeup enables the community to pledge money to help students raise money for their tuition. Incoming students can create a fundraising effort for up to half of their tuition. Supporters can pledge to help the student.

If the fundraising minimum target is reached, the supporters’ credit cards will be charged. If the target is not reached, no charges will be made.

Why This Way

Codeup is a unique teaching model that is radically different than conventional educational models, and it works. In our first cohort, we had 7 instructors in the classroom for 30 students for 5 days a week including Saturday study halls. That level of commitment to student success comes at a price.

However, we want our students to graduate without the shackles imposed by conventional educational systems. How many people in their twenties or thirties do you know who are still paying off college debt?

We want to empower people by teaching them practical skills and ensure that they have a job at the end of the program. By supporting a student's tuition, you can be a part of this.

Why This Matters

Some jobs are better than others in terms of growing a community. The best jobs to create are programming jobs.

Programmers create things that other people want to buy. When a new programmer works in a community, it sets off a chain reaction to make more jobs, and your support can help make another programmer.

Let's grow our community together!